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About Us

Sometimes we just need a brief escape from the “hurry and do” and take some time for the “stop and feel”. 
That is how NAKED body+bath got started!  You see….there were these three corporate types “livin the dream”!  {That’s code for being a cog in a wheel of a giant multi-national, generally understood to be a soul crushing daily grind with little chance for creative expression.}   We three musketeers would lunch together FOR YEARS!  We dreamed of an escape to a creative island where we could finally be ourselves and do work that satisfied our hearts AND minds.  
In 2007, NAKED body+bath was the result!
Ten years later, much has changed.  I'm just One Musketeer now, with a group of really fabulous helpers!  As usual, I'm always open to new challenges!  So we embarked on becoming a retail AND wholesale company, shipping our products all over the country and introducing NAKED to customers we could never have reached in our beautiful, but now historic, brick and mortar location. 
Flash forward to today... NAKED body+bath is a creative island of fragrance in the heart of Houston, Texas.  Here we live an urban lifestyle and love all the options a big city can offer!  We relish the freedom to create the richest and most luscious products that WE LOVE and then share them with the world. 
Every product we craft starts with the “stop and feel” in mind and ends when our customers love the experience.   Thanks for stopping by!
Dena & Alex
Handmade Since 2007!